I shall slit my tongue for it has no purpose of being, every word spoken from it was failed to make you realize I’m not who you think I’m letting my tongue rest; now if you want to hear me, near the voice through the ink of my pen.

I cannot be your friend, but what can I be, I tried everything in this world. I gave you flowers, I even gave you a fake diamond ring, but maybe that was just in my dream. I kneel down on one knee, and I prayed to the Lord please hear me. I guess he’s not even hearing me, because this world doesn’t let me have serenity. I gave you everything ever owned, I gave you love poems, and I even gave you this card that said you were my one true love. Nor that convinced you that I was just trying to be nice. But if I have to be cruel then, I would cut myself with a knife and show you this is the love I would pour on your name. For it is sin but that won’t even explain how many feelings I have for you. Girl you may seem that you are all that and you have me trapped in your finger. Let me be trapped in your finger. I will follow your steps. Yes! I will follow your steps. Let you be over my head. Let you have me crawl to your steps. That’s... That’s what I think love is. Love is expressed so many ways. The type of love I feel for you is not the one that will end today. The love I have for you will go on for eternity. I may die but this soul of mine will not die for it shall live for you. You shall listen to me. I may not be the one; I may not be the person that captures your attention. But every time you looked the other way, every time I try to capture your reflection it was like I put myself in detention. I put myself in detention knowing I cannot be with you. Knowing that you can not speak to me. Knowing that you can speak to me but you choose not to speak to me. You choose to keep everything to yourself to ignore me. Knowing that have feelings, but you do not see that you do not see a man not even a man, a young child. With a dream with a dream that one-day we can raise a family no but you do not see it through your eyes. You see nothing you see no emotion in me. No emotion whatsoever. So I stay with these dreams... Stay with these dreams. The dreams I have which I’m in a room with you. I kiss your lips but I know it’s not true. Maybe if you were right here in front of me I would get on my knees and I’ll say “baby I’ll give up everything”, because I love you and I don’t know if that means anything to you, but just wanted to let you know that it is all true.

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