Look at Me


I see people go by in their nice suits,

briefcase all good with their shiny shoes.

When I try to get attention,

they look at me as if I were a fool

but let me remind you that I’m still in school.

Look at me; just in my teens

one day I’m going to be somebody.

Just wait and see sooner or later

you’re going to be working for me.

I may be young but that doesn’t mean I can’t make something better

than Microsoft.

Look they almost had a bug, not me I’m going to give you everything

you need.

Just click on something and it will appear on your

monitor screen.

Yes it’s going to be me on the billboard next to MTV.

Everyday when you get up to watch some T.V.,

I’m going to be right there

smiling on your screen.

Watch the day will come where I will be the biggest one

make Bill Gates feel like

he had been undone.

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