True to the heart


Raindrops fell, as I looked out the window to realize my tears were the ones I felt on my face.

Such memories I hold in my soul, has my mind in a maze love that can’t be erase.

The world filled with competitions, that I feel like I’m in a race, but I’ve not taken the first step.

I’m afraid of rejection, pain, and my will into a depression.

I know the game, tho I have no control of the actions that might occur.

I feel like a boat with no sail, being drifted away, like a message in a gl*ss bottle waiting to be found.

I want to know now, and the how of our existence.

I’m dying, and drowning in the awareness of us ever being together. Sharing and feeling what I feel now makes me ask, are you true to the heart.

Then, let me know what is real and surreal.

My heart numbs as the rhythm of the raindrops gets louder and bigger. I’m soaked, but I don’t care. As long as you are true to the heart.

I have a knife in one hand and a clock in the other; catch me before time runs out.

It stopped raining, the sun is out, but I still feel drops on my face.

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