A end to this


This wasn’t supposed to end this way, but I guess that’s what you wanted.

Before I let you go you must hear this: you was the person that captured my heart from the start in high school, but all the drama you put me through makes me want to fight you.

“I don’t care about you, and I don’t anything to do with you” I quote you.

Say what you what to say, but remember this if you ever try to make any contact with me expect yourself to be played.

If I ever see you crying don’t expect me to lean by your side.

Cry harder for all I care.

I wanted to be your friend, but all you want, is for me to live my life in despair.

I hope you live your life in agony and always feel the same pain you have caused me.

I’m annoying so you say.

I hope the next person to ever love you is going to make you feel like a heart being stabbed by a stainless steel knife.

More pain I wish you, and let many people hurt you and diss you.

I never wanted this to end like it did.

You made me a devil, so hell with you.

You deserve to get treated like Osama Bin Laden.

Most wanted for terrorism but in your cause you should get caught for cannibalism: a person who eats human flesh, in your case eating hearts like it didn’t have any feelings in it.

How could you be so cruel, heartless, careless, and worst selfish. Not even willing to offer me a friendship.

I love you but I guess that’s not enough, so you know what?

You don’t! I hope you suffer like people in jail do less freedom and more abuse.

You deserve everything that goes wrong for you, and you don’t deserve things that might come good to you.

To think I always spoke good things about you.

Now I strongly hate you.

This wasn’t supposed to end like this, but in the end you just lost a magnificent friend.

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