The Truth

Lost Love

This is a story about a boy who fell in love again. He thought by getting into a new one, it would be better than the last relationship. What a mistake that will live inside him until his last living day.

He suffered so much for her, and she never showed him the gratitude for his committed words. She left him after so long. It must have been going on three years, because Christmas was sort of soon. She left him in pain, and she escape to another place. He cried and cried. His pain grew rapidly…He wanted to know the truth, but could he handle the truth?

The truth of her leaving him for another guy. The truth he once said “If I can’t be with you I would rather die” The truth he tried, but she refused to hear. The truth she abandoned him, with no hope of recovery. The truth she had sex with that another guy. The truth she had lied all this time. The truth, she did not want to try. The truth that he went crazy knowing now that he should have cheated with his future cheating wife. He went out of control with no one to calm him down. No one he trusted was near. So, he rushed his anger. He fell down to the ground in tears. In his house after hearing the truth about all that he could handle. All that replayed in his mind. He quickly started yelling “Oh God why?”

He paced back and forward in his living room. Looking around to see if he could distract himself. He reached for his cell phone to dial the number he sworn not to call. Another scream “Hell with everything, why me?” The truth that came from her mouth. The truth of the pics of him. The truth she refused to leave the new relationship she started. The truth she chose his physical appearance over her ex-lover. The truth he read the messages about her real intentions. The truth about how she’s been with him longer than her ex-boyfriend was told. The truth on how he lost his control.

There he goes, walks to the bathroom with tears and rage in his eyes. Another scream he lets out “I just want to die” He held onto the papers that caused his anger. The truth of the matter is, he wish the truth was the totally opposite. He ran to the kitchen window and he screamed out to the public “Why the f*ck must I go through this bullsh*t?” He thinks about ending it all by slitting his wrist. Then he stops to think. “I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.” There’s a knock on his door to surprise. Here comes the police, EMT, and security. The situation gets intense as they found the scene. They thought that he was truly dead. His housemates were so confused. They never saw him like this, so no one had any clue.

He eventually calm down. The police instructed him outside. They told him “What’s the story” He nearly passed out. His friend hugged him tight. He cries in agony as he passes the papers over to them. The same papers that would explain the truth. The truth his love died. The he’s been crushed. The truth he lost the sense of love. They took him to the Hospital. There he waited to be seen. Just to make sure he’s not crazy. He got discharged around 5 a.m. Wow! Can you imagine this? His pain, his lost, and for what? For the person he thought he would forever love. The truth he wanted, and the truth he got.

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