The Dance

The Dance

He walks up to me, darkness in his eyes

A deep desire hidden inside
And as my curiosity does peak
So too does my heartbeat

Gently he leans to kiss my hand
And on my face crimson expands
He leads me onto the floor
And here it starts, the movement of souls

Gliding me gracefully across the expanse
Losing my breath as we dance
Ignoring the feel of his hands on my sides
Afraid to look into his eyes

His body pressing against mine
As breathy whispers send shivers down my spine
An aching pain soon emerges
And I find myself submerged

His grip tightens as he drags me out
Onto a balcony covered in clouds
But further we sink into a mire
Suffocating in hellfire

Burning with trepidation
Scared to breathe the intoxication
He's smirking, holding back a laugh
And pulls me flush against his half


Unable to combat the effects
Afraid and not knowing what to expect
The grace within me screams for comfort
But my heart and body want to convert


Fighting within, incapable to muster
The want to stand against this fluster
He awaits me with gentle caress
Even as some words slowly digress


What is love that it is limited?
This tearing of hearts that grates?
I want to know how to breathe
Through water and mire beneath

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