I Once

I once was the pusher of the pestilence.

The bacterium that bore its way

Through a childish guileless heart.

But now unhindered I’ve become born anew.

Eyes still padlocked due to premature birth

But I can still see the universe swaying

Within the breath of wind on a blade of grass.

I once was rendered inert by self affliction.

My predaceous spirit consumed souls surrounding

Until I had my infinite fill, leaving finger licking smiles.

But now I’ve become animated; alive.

This new body has had its first meal

Leaving no lacerations on the few still lingering.

Allowing me to return to societal situations.

I once frayed the rope and lost a lover.

Contaminated our kinship with useless predispositions.

She was my favorite and so ferociously finite.

But like all things I’ve overcome mythical obstacles

To become an independent spirit making discoveries.

Wading through the detritus searching for serenity

Betwixt the summit of a single minute.

I once was apprehended by a treacherous mind.

A kleptomaniac of care-free cognitions until all was bare.

Swept clean for bi-curious bi-polar bears.

But stability has infected  this once torn cerebral cortex.

Leaving delusions adrift along those synaptic tributaries.

Furnishing my darkened alleys with potential.

Ready to prove myself as a sailor of the veins of life.

I once took prideful glee in being a bad man.

The kind that parents protect their little ones from.

A pariah, a carnivore of the sinful skin.

But autumn comes and my ageless leaf has turned.

No longer do I wallow in the absence of color.

I was a boy but am now finally a man.

Paying my debt for my derelict ways.

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