Generation Empty

To fit in is to fit out of the growing past.

Like and old sweater it suffocates our time.

We adapt to adapt until the great revolution

Where time meets and finally fits in.

We fought through adolescence and begged

Our way through eternal adulthood

Until all there's left is so-called wisdom

Which breaks the elderly with its knowledge.

We've become numb, barren to the world.

Childless with our children and forgetful to our fathers.

We walk with eyeless sight down alleyways

Trying to find the symbolism in concrete.

We're generation ready to serve apathy.

Ready to know nothing only to know everything.

Searching for a golden handout under rugs

Only to find the dirt swept beneath its canopy.

We thought we fought all our battles

But the beginning has only showed it fierce ego.

Time has met itself in the mirror in disgust.

It has become vane and just wants to fit in.

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