It could've been your favorite scene.

It could've been Armageddon.

But it was just me and that door.

It was the day of days, love of loves.

If you had let me go, I'd be gone.

But you were something holy

Or a mere profit, it doesn't matter

Because the moment I saw you

It was like drowning

In a heaven full of smiles

Chained to there piteous partners.

I new then that I've found my messiah

In the distance between us.

All directions pointed to you.

Those first days became weeks.

I wish I had them back.

The cogs clicked in and we were one.

I'd shelter you

And you'd shelter me

As I pray for this kind of love

To come to all the lonely people

Whose windows felt the pain of the rain.

The world was a righteous place

Every moment my eyes awoke to you.

I was a damaged boy

And you sowed me into a man.

But like all things, time strangles

The roots of romance and the rest of it.

The politics of us cast its die

And the this and thats

Become to big for the picture

And the frame without cracks,

Revealing the phantoms

That corrodes our polished finish.

What was once so right

Crumbles into another statistic,

And as I use verbal patchwork

To clog the crevices in us

I become blind to the beast

That infects our once pure hearts.

And was one dynamic becomes static.

Pitting out fate against one another.

But I am stubborn and won't give up.

So I'll draw battle lines

For the war of love coming.

All the while the distance grows

And I can no longer here your voice.

No longer does your perfumes hover around me.

And you become a formless being

That once captured me with a glance.

You become a memory,

An image of a time of greatness.

We've had a year without.

I'm still cold within

As unanswered questions fill

My head with sorrows.

As every minute is a moment

Not with you.

So now the man once again becomes boy.

The stitches snap and the sores revealed.

If only the clock would go back

To that precious time

When the world was right,

When we were one.

But eternity is all before me.

And the terrifying wind

That carries your voice,

Beckoning me to continue,

A broken boy carrying on

Head down as I kick memory rocks

Down the sidewalk of the loveless.

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