One Day

One day, standing in front of my dimly lit mirror

I had an epiphany of sorts you might say

As I stared into my own eyes.

Where has that baby-blue era gone?

What relativity is there in forgotten memories?

Deep I went into those retinas; lost,

Consumed in the abyss, that tragic tunnel

Like a subway, image destinations, I arrived

Collecting data passengers, input for the soul,

Slowly, but steadily picking up the pieces.

On and on I went through this subway.

Kodak photos laid out at every stop.

Mishaps, failures and embarrassments to boot;

Buddies, parties, and pops boarded

Bringing six-packs and the usual variety of self help tactics.

But somewhere along the way something changed.

Midway in what I thought was an endless journey,

This terrestrial vehicle ceased to halt,

Stranding passengers along the way;

Goals, hopes, and happiness left in the dust.

Faster and faster the tunnel sped

Until a circular pinhole of light blinded me.

Closer and closer, the distance shortened

Until the light paralyzed me

And then with fear I went through.

Only then did I realize I was back where I stood

Standing, staring, pale-faced and tired.

There was no more subway, and its passengers;

Just the eyes looking back at me

Picking apart the rough edges, sorting the goods.

I would not tell of my experience,

My revelation, my personal epic.

And I only tell you this now, because

Like the before, I stand now, silent and tranquil

In front of my dimly lit mirror.

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