Fame, famous, fab, fair, flop.

These are the jib-jabber of giants

Who walk afloat brittle stars

Looking at the beggars below.

Plastic faces with permanent smiles.

Eyes fixated on windowless shopping.

Satton gloves cover crippled hands.

Bow-tied and dressed to impress.

With their name changed souls

They sip cognac filled reputations.

Chit chatting over caviar contracts

While the midget man fattens them up.

Late night limousines tell the tabloids

About devilish doings of this and that.

Of ruby red noses and their white Christmas's

With rolled 100’s as a constant reminder.

There precious ivory images

And their Gucci layered bodysuits

Engulf the eyesight so tainted blue.

There’s nothing to miss with a 60” view.

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