Top 4 places to enjoy soup when in Kuala Lumpur


Top 4 places to enjoy soup when in Kuala Lumpur


Actor Morgan Freeman once said that during cold temperatures, rather than having alcohol, one must have a bowl of hot soup. Hey, if Morgan Freeman says it, you know the Almighty has spoken. The Malaysians do adhere to this advice by the legendary actor throughout the year, no matter the season.


Travel Suggestion: One of the simplified ways to ensure that your soup craving is quenched immediately, take a bus while touring around Kuala Lumpur, buy tickets online from, and reach these locations in a jiffy. Each of these places is well connected by bus routes that pass from the capital, KL. The online bus booking option helps to save your time and money, yes they offer discounted tickets!


If you want to mollycoddle yourself with a bowl of piping hot soup or broth, here are three of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that will satiate this desire of yours:


Keong Kee Herbal Soup: A simple shack-like setting located next to an open air car park, this humble eatery is a hit among locals and tourists alike for its Coconut chicken soup that is served in coconut shells.


Levain Boulangerie & Pâtisserie: A French-inspired bakery and café housed in a cosy bungalow, taste Europe on your taste buds by sampling its popular Creamy mushroom chicken soup.


Huck’s Café: Homely and warm, this snug place does complete justice to the classic French onion soup. Crusty bread, clear and flavourful broth and melted cheese—you just can’t go wrong with this one!


Las Carretas: Recognized as one of the best place to find margarita in town. Patrons usually come back for its food and ambience which is rated as too good.


Kuala Lumpur Soup Kitchen: This kitchen was started by a small group of students. Since then the outlet has witnessed more than 90000 customers. The hotel does not advertise anywhere and has quickly grown by a word of mouth. It was founded by volunteers of all ages following different faiths, backgrounds and cultures. It believes in providing some of the best soups. Their aim is to bring food and comfort to the people. The original idea of having a soup restaurant originated in 1991. The place takes a lot of pride in their own concoction of Chinese soup, beautifully brewed by them. The soups have an aromatic flavour. Some of the best soups that you can try out here are the Double boiled Waisal and Ginseng roots along with chicken soup that will cost you somewhere around RM17. You can also try the double boiled dried scallop along with black chicken soup that costs RM24. The soups here are completely MSG free just that this is double boiled with super fragrance and flavour. The serving in the soup are pain stakingly hand chopped and you must note that only 30 servings are prepared in a day. The non veg soups have a very smooth texture and a very rich flavour.


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