Few take the time to see,

The true colors of my soul,

Split from the white light within,

Into the spectrum that makes me whole.


I'm a person of many sides,

Like a gem gleaming in the sun,

A prism of countless facets,

Showing hues known to stun.


My fathomless depths are infrared,

Most thoughts flowing and unseen,

For I have chosen to keep them hidden,

As they are dark and very obscene.


The fiery passion within me,

Is red orange and yellow,

When a spark ignites my interest,

There is no such thing as mellow.


Green evokes the thought of woods,

A sanctuary of tangled life,

Their slow and soothing energy,

An analgesic to my strife.


Blue is the color of sky,

Where my imagination soars,

Countless destinations,

A boundless realm my mind explores.


Socialness is my indigo sliver,

Small and rarely shown,

An outcast since my early life,

My safest place became alone.


Violet represents my caring side,

The color of my bruised heart,

Offering to help those in need,

before they too are torn apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My "True Colors" contest entry on Vocal.

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