How Can Kaizen Improve Your Work

A company or any work place has their own process of continuous improvement that not only the head of the company can benefit from but all employees. Each company has a set of techniques that can greatly help in processing, manufacturing and producing the best possible products for their clients.


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Most of us may have heard about Kaizen, have attended meetings of Kaizen but still have no clue what kaizen is. If you want to learn more about kaizen, this article will give you the important details so you could better understand what it is and how you can implement this in your daily work life.


What is kaizen?

Kaizen is a word for on – going or continuous improvements. This is derived from two Japanese words; kai which means change and Zen which means good. Therefore, Kaizen is often seen as a means of developing new techniques or making new processes that can improve the whole company’s performance.


Kaizen calls upon all employees and lets them be part in the improvements; letting them share insights and suggestions that they think might help with producing quality products. They are encouraged to suggest solutions that everybody can benefit from which addresses concerns and problems around the company.


This could be an open forum that will surely make employees eager to attend to for they are being heard and their opinions are being considered as solutions to day to day problems encountered around the company. This way, they also get an idea on how they can improve their daily work so they can be more productive from day to day.


Kaizen was first developed in 1980’s by the Toyota Company. In the process of manufacturing, if a problem occurred, the whole process stops. Therefore, they can find the perfect solution without compromising the whole production line. Each time a problem occurs, the whole process stops until it is fixed, saving them a lot of money because there are no wasted or defected products. Overtime, they have perfected this and other companies sought this kind of problem solving; hence Kaizen.



Whatever company you have, whatever business you are in, you can use this technique to help with manufacturing and production. This way you can eliminate waste and continuously improve the whole company’s performance and little by little, you can perfect this process and deliver the best products.

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