How CMMS software optimizes the maintenance-related field operations?

To improve their maintenance operations, businesses are increasingly investing in profound tech-enabled solutions like CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system). CMMS maintenance software suites are becoming popular as they can automate various processes related to field operations, do away with manual methods and thus reduce operational challenges. If you are willing to incorporate CMMS maintenance software into your business process, then here answering how CMMS maintenance software is helpful in optimizing the field operations of maintenance businesses. This will help you in gaining clarity on how a CMMS works and what to expect from it.

CMMS software is an effective solution for managing field operations and field workforce. It helps the businesses to overcome various traditional limitations and challenges related to processes such as job scheduling and dispatching, work order and inventory management, record-keeping, and data management, time-tracking, and performance analysis of the field workers. It primarily boosts the efficiency of the field workforce by supporting the business operations in the following ways:

  • Maintenance software facilitates smart job scheduling and dispatching, by enabling the manager to automate the process. Wherein he can have a 360-degree view of the work commitments and job status of a larger workforce. He can know their live job locations, track their timelines, and accordingly can regulate the schedules. This way scheduling conflicts like overlap schedules, double schedules, missed schedules, etc. can be avoided, and services are delivered on a prompt basis. For instance, if there are emergency service requests, then the manager can virtually track the nearest available technician, ensure he is equipped with the right kind of tools and skills, and assign the service requests to him so that he can reach the client site at the shortest possible time.
  • The software empowers the team to collaborate upon data more efficiently by offering them real-time access to the company’s data, records, and statistics, which helps them with prompt decision making. As it is hard to predict the data or information needs of the on-the-move technicians, so being dependent on back-office staff or anyone for data access is one of the major productivity leaks. On the other hand with the aid of computer maintenance software, the field technicians can access service history, customer records, service quotes, troubleshooting tutorials, timesheets, or any other necessary information from anywhere and anytime, provided they have valid permission access.   
  • As traveling and fleet management is integral for any business that operates through field operations, so a computerized maintenance management software is integrated with various automated modules like route planner and GPS tracker that enables the on-the-road technicians to live-see the most optimal route to reach their destinations. This way they can avoid traffic jams and detours and travel efficiently without being on roads unnecessarily. The GPS tracker is effective in tracking the on-road movements of the fleets and technicians/drivers and this helps not just in tracking the productivity of the technicians with also help in calculating the fuel expenses and budget estimates. It also helps in knowing the fuel efficiency per vehicle    
  • The software can efficiently store and manage different databases such as inventory details, customer profiles, technicians' schedules, service contracts, invoices, etc.  
  • The software has in-built smart analytics, that makes report making and analysis a more streamlined and accurate process. This supports better decision making


There involve too many administrative tasks when it comes to the proper execution of field operations. However, manual ways of doing those tasks divert the team members from their actual job responsibilities and thus take a dig into their productivity. By automating most of the processes, CMMS management software empowers the management and the field workforce to take care of such administrative jobs with much convenience and ease.  

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