All Out Corruption

As the summer comes to its end
and the autumn leaves start to change
I fantasize about you, me, us.
Longing for your presence consumes my soul,
only your love frees me from destruction.
I crave your touch, your warm arms holding me,
the soft touch of your lips on mine.
The protection, the safety, the love
I feel in your arms, has corrupted my soul
as nothing ever has before.
The days, the nights, spent in your presence
leave me desperate and aching for more.
Thoughts of you invade my mind.
Not a moment passes that I do not wonder
what you're doing, where you are,
If you're thinking of me.
I fall asleep with memories and thoughts of you.
My dreams are full of hopes for you and I.
I wake up to thoughts of you,
counting down the hours, the minutes,
until I can see you, no matter how short a time.
You have won my heart with your gentle innocence.
You have stolen my soul with your love.
You now hold both within your hands.
I trust them to you as I have to no one else.
You are my world, my every hope and every desire.
Without you I could not stand here--living, breathing.
You have taken me into your life
and made me believe in love--true love.
I pray you'll be standing by my side forever.
My love, my heart, my soul,
they all belong to you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found an old notebook and this one was in it. I can't believe I never posted it!

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