Forever Love

I have been searching for you, 

For my forever love.

For years now I have thought about you

Wondered where you are,

How you are doing,

And if you think of me.

Thousands of miles apart,

Years later,

And my heart still belongs to you. 

I miss  you, 

Or at least the you I knew.

You were always there

To catch me, to hold me,

To make me smile and cheer me on.

A single glance at an old photo

And I am lost in the memories

Of everything you meant to me.

They say if you love something to set it free, 

And if it comes back it is meant to be.

But baby I set you free once, 

I could not do the distance,

I did not want to wait to start my life.

All it did was cause me regret

And questions of what might have been. 

When I lost my phone 

I swear I thought my life would end

Without being able to hear your voice.

My heart still bleeds for you. 

I would like to think that time and age

Would have made me wiser, 

But I still find myself searching.

Typing out your name 

In my heart, my mind, my dreams.

My life has never been the same without you,

My world full of darkness and shadows

Where before their was light and laughter.

My soul is missing its other half. 

It is still missing you.

You said you would love me forever, 

But I fear it was all lies.

As I sit here mourning you

As though I lost you only yesterday, 

When in reality it has been 10 years. 

I said I would never stop loving you.

I still do.

Even though I have tried so hard

To forget, to move on,

I still cannot.

You are and always will be

My forever love. 

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