Loneliness & I Were Finally Coping

October 2018

Whatever happens, happens... no longer in situations,

where my head runs 500 mph building up expectations,

am i expecting anything? no, but i am hoping,

worst case scenario, loneliness and I were finally coping,


wasted time moping, let's just spoon,

the sober words spoken motivated, speaking to the couch in a cocoon,

acted like i'm immune, but you read my mind,

with time i find that wasted time becomes defined,


no longer blind, no guarantee but i can see it,

you and i would work, maybe we can be it,

we hit on a level i've never felt, believe it,

i truly think you're my next chapter, i can feel it,


peel back the smiles and jokes, you'll see i study

all your habits and mannerisms, how can you think yourself ugly?

that truly bugs me, if only you can see yourself in my eyes,

maybe that 5 would surprise yourself and multiply.

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