I'm There So Many More Ways Then You Realize

October 2018

I'm so tired of walking home alone,

of taking the pain and learning to cope alone,

always walk alone, the hug is rare,

there hazel eyes cause me to smile, always stare,


always saying compared to none other, but with you,

it's more true then the last two,

all they chose to do was make me feel less,

knowing my heart was theirs with one dress,


but the stress i've earned from you,

is much more then the one, let alone the last two,

i know you just want me as a bro but i'm there

so many more ways then you realize, without a regret,


i'm dead set on simply being in your life, i love it,

nights like tonight? i can never get enough of it,

how many more hang outs can i go without kissing you?

so tired of walking home alone and missing you.

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