What Else Am I Here For?

October 2018

Always there when they need a loving shoulder,

if they can't be alone they beg me to come over,

it's why i'm never sober, my choices make me,

which is why when the real thing shows up it mistakes me,


for a joke, then it takes me decades to shift,

their minds until they text me saying i was a gift,

never the missed, only the good luck chuck,

which is why my mind stays focused on the next 12 bucks,


beyond feeling stuck, who could love this?

the genie won't come out no matter how much you rub it,

had enough of it, the hate and the overthinking,

i'm frustrated with this environment, keep blinking,


cause one minute you're linking up with your dream,

then next minute conversation falls silent, it seems

that they always see me as the friend, nothing more,

i'll get you over them, what else am i here for?

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