Sincerely, The Cry

October 2018

Half a million smiles i've yet to give you,

a few billion seconds i've yet to spend with you,

i'll pray to outlive you, even after old age give you,

anything you could want, i just haven't met you.


Force myself to be forgetful, cause maybe i have,

no way of truly knowing if already i might have,

just hope down the right path i travel, cause clearly,

i've no sense of direction, always no one near me.


It's been more then a year, sincerely the cry,

since you've let it out and actually did, not try,

to write out the why or the whats or the doubt,

PS we needed rain, never had such a drought.


Always having to reroute, rewind and replay,

maybe i said something i didn't want to say,

but the way i open up is by being genuine and true,

i wonder if you think about me half as much as i do you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the whole 3rd paragraph has pissed me off to this day, i wrote after writing this about the 3rd para... "Tomorrow you can definitely do better"

tomorrow has yet to come

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