She Can Always Do Better

October 2018

Afraid that you are what my gut is warning me,

what my heart calls another disaster,

my books call another chapter, unless it's devastating,

a slow time bomb always seconds away from detonating,


why am i concentrating on thinking too much into it?

isn't that how you always blew it and you knew it?

simply say screw it, don't expect or hope,

in public stand tall, at home fall apart and mope,


not an up and down slope, it's just life,

full of alternate universes stemming from what ifs and strife,

stuck on hazel eyes and big smiles, no surprise,

sometimes i'm so full of hope and doubt i'm my own demise,


there are other guys, truth written and hidden in 20 letters,

for every woman i enounter she can always do better,

always happy i met her, then comes the sulking, the mope,

all because expectations rooted itself and grew hope.

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