Break The Pattern of past Heart Breaking Situations

October 2018

I'll do anything i can do to save,

myself from becoming a lonely man cooking in his microwave,

at my rarest i'm brave, confident and bold,

yet at my norm i'm a coward whose best has been told,


doubt myself eightfold, overthink overthinking,

the balance is even between intoxicated and sober thinking,

overthink even just blinking, so why would i think myself

good enough for anyone? hide feelings on my bookshelf,


then share with anyone else, post to the world,

i write when i spin to make sure i don't hurl,

always some girl, always so different,

always falling head over heels in an instant,


then looking down on my existence as inconsistent,

can't grab hold of what i want in the distance,

so just this once, please let me have no expectations,

let me break the pattern of my past heart breaking situations.

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