Less Than 48 Hours

October 2018

Ripped jeans, black shirt and black hoody,

to think i was scared to ask you out, why would she?

then could we turned into a whole night,

to not kiss you when i walked you home took all my might,


hazel eyes in my sight, no make up just natural beauty,

that contagious smile ran right through me,

went from gloomy to happy in less than 48 hours,

no one but you has motivated me, you must have powers,


of all my encounters since, never have i met,

a woman who attracted me in a way that's magnetic,

nothing short of aesthetically pleasing, so apologetic,

you and i have more in common then anyone before, paramedic


tell the authentic critics of my mind they no longer get it,

my past makes me but doesn't set my future, i finally said it,

how can i regret it when it led me down this path,

for once in a long time i'm excited for the aftermath.

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