Names Exchanged & Eyes Met

October 2018

Baggy Mets shirt, jean shorts in you came,

in just 5 minutes my life would never be the same,

never just a dame, got to feel something when we touch,

much like the rush i felt when we first touched,


not much was discussed, names exchanged and eyes met,

softest handshake, smiles exchanged and eyes met,

my heart was reset, out i went with Smokey,

my mind was stuck on your smile, time went slowly,


long ago she could have known me, i was too much of a coward

to just open up my mouth, this coward act felt soured,

yet in just two days I've devoured as much time with you as i can,

who the fuck is stupid enough to let you go? don't understand,


with you nothing is planned, no labels just us,

somehow my heart and mind agree, this is justice,

tonight no one could interurpt us, i was where i wanted,

and for once i only thought of you, wasn't haunted.

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