I Did Everything I Could To Not Dream

October 2018

I'm only giving one to the pain i have felt,

if the last two years were pants then sad would be the belt,

folded on the cards dealt, instead remained a spectator,

stayed faded and let my thoughts be my narrator,


the pain made me hate her, then realize it's pointless,

I'll always be who i am, sorry to disappoint us,

tough to say exploited, more like a stepping stone,

the actions spoke wonders, it was always set in stone,


I was meant to be alone, slowly allowed me to grow,

can't believe I feel the need to bring up so long ago,

just so you know, I no longer regret,

you're a path i needed to take, in failure was success,


now that it's been addressed, the weight is off my shoulders,

held onto the stones so long they quickly became boulders,

pain and mistakes when you grow older learn to scream,

which is why for two years I did everything i could to not dream.

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