seduction begins in the mind....

naughty ramblings

the key to me is not what you see

or what you touch

with your fiery clutch

but how u know how to do what you'd like to do

that is what drives me crazy, it's true!

you want to know what it takes to know a woman in that way

the one that draws enough heat to make your two bodies sway

i'll tell you what it is that i  love the most

a man who makes my mind roast

thinking of his every move

his thoughts his heart that makes me swoon

i love to feel the skin on skin

but that good stuff comes from deep within

i do not like a simple screw

they're easy to get and simple to do

give me a sensuous escapade

the kind that penetrates in so many ways

the complication of seduction is not a bad thing

especially if you're not wearing matching rings

the penetration that makes me want some more

the sensuousness that makes me more than your whore

but your lover who gives as good as she gets

your lover who stays eternally wet

give in to touch that feels like a magical spell

and dig into those feelings until we both yell

enjoying a touch so simple we peak

at thoughts of embraces unable to speak

but knowing connection that fills up your mind

remembering how we once intertwined

that is the thing that i am sought for and seek

that is what makes me spring a leak

i was asked to so i spilled a bit of the milk

that can be mistaken for the softest silk

i hope that understanding is what i achieved

and that understanding will bring some relief

to the swelling that started below the mind

the part often left out in the search of the grind

begin at the start and maybe you'll part

the masterpiece known as THE work of art!

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