naughty ramblings

I had this one dream that you could be the one
my body said it seem that we could have real fun
i folded myself up and spread wide for you
you took what you could handle and became invisible
i need a second chance to flow out from deep within
but to give it up to you looks like it could be a sin
beauty of your shell persuades my legs open up
and let you lap like a dog at the nectar in my cup
i'm really not a mutt but i'd play that role for you
and do it like an animal just cuz you ask me to
i miss the way we talked and the way we laid it down
parading round the blocks of an unfamiliar town
things i did with you i would do for no one else
don't even know why i like the way played with me and left
not even mad that i gave to you so much from in my soul
i know it's bad to give up quite so much control
something in your eyes told me hush and share my skills
something in your way made let go of the pills
get up lay down relax and i took in all of you
never told 1 lie and i knew i could be true
told you i could see myself  revisiting this place
where we could both pretend that to eachother we are the ace
you're number 2 i am who only knows how far down on the list
you should have told me it's just this once and i would be dismissed
i need a chance to do this thing one time and just for me
a chance to say that was just a time when i was blind and free
my fears say that within this life we'll never meet again
so i must say you were so good and hotblooded my friend
if the time came up to rewrite the wrongs i'd say you were a right
my lover who was gentle and kind and quickly slid from sight
your eye is what i always see when i close my eyes
your touch is what i won't forget soothing all my cries
only 1 regret of the time we spent together
release that never came from our hot little endeavor
i was too over excited at the thought of having you
to enjoy the days we spent playing let's hide the tool
took a while to just enjoy the essence of my dream lover
but after you i can say i've never wanted another

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