you think you know me

never made the slightest mention of feeling flushed

didn't even contort my face to feign a blush

got my man mixed in the page which is usually ignored

by frustrated admirers who cop out by calling me a whore

who rather than to ask questions that will give them understanding

would rather seek weakness in me for a spot to stand in

viewing my expressions as sensually stimulating

assuming that their presence will rush me out of waiting

when i am stalling for a different key

this creativity will set me free

you see my frustrations and call it lust

it's more like i painted nice pictures to be discussed

for their intimacy and innocence and sheer beauty

to look for more is not my duty

my real soft spot is widening my purse

from these painful experiences compound and diverse

i have some things on my mind that don't involve sharing

any deeper than experience takes me i'm swearing

as i said before and say again i am here to share my mind

even though most of the time

it's completely overlooked

since these photos really cook

their own set of questions

about a separate set of life lessons

learned, implemented and yet unchangeable

in this life or the next and that is not rearrangable

i am operating at another level

so the package you think you see unraveled

is more tightly wrapped and compressed

than any closed mind could ever guess

when you feel like approaching humane relations in a manner more direct

and i believe you are truly coming correct

shall we begin to chat once more

but until that time, i must decline your notes cuz you called me a HOE

Author's Notes/Comments: 

being wrapped in a tight package(good looks) and having a sensual way of expressing how i feel often gets me misunderstood

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