Don't worry bout me.... worry bout yo self

trying to corrupt me with your words of death

sluts hoes bitches blurry in definition

shouldn't really matter cuz i was never fishin

for you or your kind

i am here to share my mind

which happens to be a bit grimey

but to my man i am never slimey

been through lifetimes of painful lessons and strife

in this short 31 year stretch of life

so when i decide to open up

you should try to listen up it may change your luck

widen your view to some brand new stew

that reminds us we are not invisble

the sexiest is the nastiest who's uninhibited and fluidly flowing

can i help it if when you look at me certain parts of you start growing?

i don't bother to pay attention

to tunnel visioned folks who can only make mention

of the flowers in the field in one dimension

when so many other aspects deserve their attention

you will only see what your eyes allow

even if it's wrong and i can't tell you how

to experience the world that revolves around you

but i suggest you try to shift your view

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some dude called me a hoe... without knowing for sure or knowing me at all

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