Untitled -- 8.12.2006

i see the world shaving itself off my skin

floating and expressing this pain from within

rolling up my smiles

compressing the grief

balling them up

intensifying relief

combustable success

that explodes in my face

if i am too slow to yield to His grace

rotating track of cheesing and grinning

can only be good with positivity spinning

helping to iron the goodness together

and scotch guard my gifts so that they can weather

*any storm

every occurance

i am getting in shape to strengthen my endurance

inside and out...digging and lunging

releasing this hurt as my soul gets plunging

emancipating rottenness that turns the sky blue

congregates rain clouds that remind me of you

replacing the pain with the perfection that we had

i begin to remember not to be sad

step to the front and raise up my hand

exuding renewed sweetness, no longer hurt and bland

from convoluted relations built up to fall down

i am painted in the mural in an evening gown

gracefully filled with favor and love

beaming this light filtered brightly from above

clearing my pangs and inviting rejuvenation

of this weary soul bringing blessings with resonation

of magnitudes unseen

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