let it all out -- 12.9.2005

counting roaches and weighing ashes

speaking healing to these gashes

believing all this puff puff pass is

the route to express these gases

foul and festering within

if i could just let them go, i'll finally be thin

moving towards changing this life til the end

it only bubbles up when i try to begin

the new chapter

my belly swells when i hear all the laughter

but to release it now puts a foul aroma on the rapture

and it leaves a trail that'll lead to my capture

by the darkness that i smoke clouds to lift out of

so i can continue on my path to reach above

and dive right into this euphoric collective love

without letting out a funk that needs letting go of

ephemeral as it is, dropping the stinch in the mix

releasing pain and heartache from these lives we try to fix

is as simple and relieving as rubbing our chests with vicks

truths have a way of welling up when we try to nix

away all the blame that's laid on with heavy licks

and they force a new path exhaled

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