Momma the first and last word for most wants, needs, and desires of every child

Nurtures little minds and tolerates the need for small ones to get wild

Sprinkling knowledge and wisdom from above

Cuddling and molding these hearts like a glove

Momma the one who’s near that has eyes and ears

Listening and watching to see if you hear

The collective and individual lessons of life

To soften your path and release the strife

This world can sometimes serve

Helping you stand up and get the nerve

Praying for the best while preparing you for the worst

Seamlessly done while always putting you first

Momma with practice I wanna be just like you

Loving how you love and doing what you do

Momma when you go your lessons I will share

Reflecting what you taught me mindful and aware

Enriched by having experienced you unconditionally

I rejoice in the knowledge you are finally free

To release all your cares fly without wings

Cuz you went beyond the distance this action packed life can bring!  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to mommy ms thelma and all the other mommas in the world

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