work in progress -- 6.5.2005

no one can keep complete understanding alone, except in dreams... my dream which is life, i made my own rules, never acknowledging my predestined plight.... stepping out of my mind lifting high with my body, pressing on in my choice, eyes down on the grind force my way with my time.....selfish views drag me on, my good sense is long gone, i've arrived at a true cornerstone, i looked up, turned around and my Lord is who I found, holds my hand, leads me on forever more

change my mind everyday... take more opportunities to pray, trickle seedlings of patience, righteousness, strength, and truth on my butterfly...teach her the reasons why and not to ask the question, for all is revealed in soft hints and major occurance and as long as you posess the endurance all storms one day shall cease

Author's Notes/Comments: 

work in progress...feels more like rambling, we'll see how it shapes up

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