my Husband

all these fixes to the problems we have

the only place to find them is this woman and man

loving hard and exploring emotions

this LOVE we have isn't merely a notion

it's strength is tested and it comes through

but is it enough to keep me with you

discussing abstract issues made real

together doesn't feel ideal

so let you go I feel i must

cuz niether you nor me do I trust

this perfect love that we two share

two I said, don't you care?

baby do you hear me speak

are you afraid, do you feel weak?

tell me please, i need to know

cuz if you're weak, then i can't grow

gave life to you,and loved no other

but sometimes love i feel you smother

this soul forever bonded to you

and my heart, it's not the things you do

that force me to think to separate

it's just because i'm desparate

to live this life set in my path

and i don't want to feel the wrath

this jealousy of dividing times

ignoring me with these rhymes

not seeing me and how hard i try

to be so strong and not to cry

i've heard the secrets you hold inside

not alone, but with me you should hide

i open up completly to you

two hearts make one when their vulnerable

don't want to heal alone again

bonded to you...your my husband

Author's Notes/Comments: 

purging my thoughts and ideas of this relationship view#1....

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