Flying the coop

My heart is bleeding 

but in my pain is 




My fight 

Passion and joy

I want to lay it down and just scream for my boy

But i live in a world that fucks over most feelings 

That shuns the truth and delays its own healing

AAAAAAHHHHHAAAAA can we scream a praise that delights

One that soothes the pangs and turns darkness to light

We know it exists but these jaws are sooo clenched til all we can muster is a half hearted KISS 

Can’t dummy it down or silence the truth 

It is time to speak up  cuz we’re losing our youth

Baby I’m old enough to have vividly seen the things that try the core of a human being

I love you too much to sit quiet not saying what you need I’d give you my all to maintain

I know I’m not heard cuz it’s numbing to be 

i see you though always believe me I see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 MISSING my Tweety

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