i am a part of a special club, though i may not tell you so 

one day i took a seed and a person started to grow 

this was all it took to join and i did not have a clue 

of the beauties and the depth of love this membership has taken me to 

my everything is just being all that i can be to you 

the truest expression AND MEANING of why love IS beautiful

i stand long and walk tall whether or not i have feet 

if it means that what i am doing will meet your every need 

your protector, your rejector i will always have your back 

since it is mine that holds you up and shields your precious hands from lack 

your are my truest wealth no matter what may come my way 

because the greatness of tomorrow absorbs the lessons of today 

i am mother hear me scream 

with the silence of a gleam 

eyes that carve a truth that beams

lifetimes blending hidden seams

the  Mommy is the one who will give

foundations to the life you live

her joy comes from the you who you are

she knows your core for you are her star

the first to always stand and clap

no limit love engulfs and wraps

from day one since before the seed

for who you are is the BEST of me

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