Notes From The Broken

A heart as heavy as the clouds above.

It's raining inside my head.

I sit and write this note;

In case I end up somewhere dead.

Cold winds blow;

Althought the windows are closed.

There must be something more.

I'm on the floor;

Crying. Is this what I have chosen?

Words unspoken.

Notes from the broken.

The storm is getting heavy for me.

The coldness numbs my fingers.

I cannot breathe.

I cannot feel.

I'm an overthinker.

Hurt lingers in my chest.

I was happy once upon a time.

That time has passed;

And the happier me has been put to rest.

I'm just a carbon copy of what I used to be.

I don't want to be.

I don't want to be an empty me.

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