An Old Note For Beatriz

For you, I'd do more than you could ever imagine.

It's hard to believe;

But I'd bleed in agony just to see;

You smile just for me.

You've done more for me than anyone;

And I have great appreciation for your patience.

You must really love me the way that you say you do;

And I'm sorry because I know that you think;

That I don't care as much as I say I do.

But why then did I marry you?

You don't marry someone unless you're absolutely sure;

That you can spend the rest of your;

Life with that person.

And even if our rings are lost;

And even if our rings are broken;

Our hearts remain open to one another;

As we become father and mother;

And watch our children;

Grow right before our very eyes.

Our prize.

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