Time has gone long ago I did not realize

It’s me, looking back, couldn’t summarize

Definite reasons were dragging me backward

Adorned with many memories filled the world

Rebel mind now wants to get rid of fake identity

Nobody knew properly what was the reality

After walking through a long way I found you

Holding to the past gave me a new point of view

Knows faces became blurred when I needed the most

No one looked back, when I found myself totally lost

Alternative ways I tried many times to find out

Shrunk in many ways, real or fake I doubt

At that time, I supposed to ask myself

How’s the life only kept in the book-shelf

Friends were far apart when the time was over

Inside me, only I knew the reality burns in fever

Sunshine, in one morning hit my body and soul

Unwanted thoughts must be removed to drool

At the edge of the sky, I heard a voice of an angel

To me, you snatched me away out of the hell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1 july 2020 (my bro, you captured me out of the hell, why mustn't I? )

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