Behind the war

There’s a monster I cannot see,

I ask, but

Mama speaks in tales I cannot understand



Papa is strong, he tells me to have no fear

He holds my hand as we walk to my school

A terrible place it is.

I have no desk,

I have no chair,

I sit with my friends on the dirt with my book in my lap.

I look for my best friend but again she is not here.

I do not understand.

We played with my dolls three days ago


Mama and Papa says she has gone to heaven,

And that I will see her again and we can play with my dolls.

I do not understand why the monster took her.

She was always good,

Not naughty like me,

Papa says we will all leave someday,

I wonder if the monster will take us all,

I don’t want him to.

Yesterday Mama and I saw the monster

He was in the village away from mine.

The village is gone now.

I am scared of the monster,

He takes away my friends,

I don’t want him to come anymore.

Papa says the monster is in other places too.

I don’t like the monster.

He makes Mama cry.

Mama is asleep now.

I do not want to wake her but my tummy hurts.

Papa is looking at me but he doesn’t say anything.

He only cries.

I tell Papa my tummy hurts but I think he is mad at me

Coz he won’t speak to me.

He only cries

My tummy hurts.

It is red and it hurts.

Papa is also asleep now 

Why won’t Mama wake up?

My head hurts now.

I cannot cry anymore and I feel sleepy

I want Papa but he doesn’t wake up

He doesn’t hug me.

I feel sad and cold but Papa won’t help me

I hear the monster again

Loud like earlier when I was eating with Mama and Papa

The house is dirty now. Mama will be mad.

I hear the monster again

But I am alone now.

Mama and Papa are mad 

And they won’t help me.

My tummy has more red now.

Mama and Papa won’t wake up.

I scream at Papa but he only looks at me.

I don’t want the monster to come again 

But he will.

I am scared.

I am alone now.


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