And so was the story of Her & Her Love

She remembered the day he said the words that made everything go away

The pain had gone.

The sadness had gone.

The world had gone.


All that remained was her and her love,


 Now, she stared into the crystal glass

As her love held her hand in his,

Cradling her in his bed


“You’ll always be mine” 

She heard him say


“I will” she replied,


But he heard not a whisper.


Now she watched him as he said the last words,

The words he needed her to know


She smiled her smile of heartache,

As she placed a final kiss on his beautiful face


A kiss of hope,

A kiss of love,

A kiss of promise,


She turned and walked off the cliff of what once was,

And stepped into the white space


As the emptiness hugged her in greeting,

She shut her eyes,

And in her heart she took with her the memory of her love,

Holding him forever near

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