Round One

I try to remember
When did this start?
Why must it end?
The best I can do
Is to think back...

Every moment
Every detail

You leave me
You leaves me
gasping for air,
You leave me

Me + You
Extremely beautiful
Me + You
Sacred & priceless

Your eyes
Are oceans
I swim in all day
You hypnotize me
Your hazel hues
Golden laced with
Greens and blues

All I can do is stare deeper
Our locked gaze
Those eyes
Say everything
Your lips
Could never tell me

Your beautiful expressions
I'm beyond addicted!
So captivated by
Your sweet sounds
My moans go from
Soft to much louder
As we melt into
Each other
Praying to God
This never ends.

Whether we make love,
Or I just fuck the shit out of you
My never-ending-orgasms
We crest
We climax
In unison

Making love with you
Is like nothing else in this world!
Sexing you down, baby
Is nothing- no one ever
Could try to comprehend

And I tell you,
As I cross my fingers
That it's kinky

You love to get me off
And I love to get you off
Wait, just a second,
I want to cum too
I want to cum
With you.

Screams to silence
And all we are is
A sweaty, semen soaked mess
Such a rush,
I'm so in love with you...
Can you blame me?
That all I can think about is:

Round Two.

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