Adrenaline Rush

It's the witching hour
And my taxi is an hour late
Seems I'm not the only one
In shock
Adrenaline in large quantities
Left behind casualties
On to a future unknown
Set me up like a bowling pin
And strike me down
So confused
In shock
Memories with holes, still

Saw that street.
It looked no different
Than it did that September night
When I died
Everyone's a predator
And I'm easy prey
Soul leaves body
and forced back to life
D.N.R. but you did
I'd like to hit you with a lawsuit
Left casualties behind
Free at last
I'd sell my soul to never see
Ballard again.

Go East to
Familiar faces
And Names unknown
But safe and sound
Stayed up all night
Made you both love me
Just to feel important
Reliant to who?

No such thing as beauty sleep
I'm a zombie
And things are about to go
From bad to worse
To terrible to the gates of hell

Adrenaline rush
Nervous flush
No cure for my disease

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