Beyond Repair

If I could tell you one thing, 

I would tell you this, I swear

I love you now,

Now more than ever

Even if I

Fucked up

Beyond repair.


One last thing,

You ought to know


I will never forget your face,

I will never forget the warmth of your embrace

I would love to have another taste...


Oh how it aches!

It aches

My broken heart will never heal

I will never again feel 

I will never feel


How stupid of me

For letting my love 

Slip through my fingers

Oh how stupid I am

You are the only one 

I've ever truly loved


And I'd sell my Soul

To have you back, I would

I'd sell my Soul just 

To see your face once more


This is a nightmare!

What can I do?

To have you back, again?

Is it as hopeless as I fear?

Alas, it is more...

It is 

Beyond repair...

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