Bit of Luck.

Alone at the bar

And my love ain't far.

Walked in like I own the joint.

Look at my crooked smile

And you oughta see my point.

Creeps creep.

In so deep.

Starring into eyes of bullshit.

I can hold my own,

Watch me from

'cross the room

I won't give in

I just reach for my phone.

Drunk off poetry and a crazy night

Give me all you got.

Is that all? Mr. Hotshot?

Woo me, sweep me,

Off my feet.

Oh so

In so


Day nineteen and countin,


Smilin is easier than poutin

Sing for the moment

It's all on you.

Run while you can,

Can't say I didn't warn you...

Just don't kamikaze me

Clyde, my name is Bonnie

2010 bay baby.

Go down in gunfire

Brimstone and pire.

Go out shootin'

Till our fuckin deaths,


Who said Cupid missed?

Welcome my clenched fists


My jewel-less ring

Leave your face looking

Oh so obscene.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Like Dexter...

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