Dig Me A Hole

Dig me a hole,

No, I'll dig it myself

So I can choke on the soil

Munch on each rock

Let the worms have my Soul

Let them devour a decent meal.

I didn't mean that,

I don't taste good,

The worms wouldn't eat me,

The ground hogs would...

Or maybe a mole, he could

Have my Soul,

And don't worry about money

For my coffin.

Don't throw me a funeral

No one would show up

Not even the grave digger,

Who surrendered his shovel

When I told him, "This is a stickup."

And pretend you never met me

Because it's what you're thinking, secretly.

And pretend I was just a figment

Of your weak imagination.

And spit on my grave,

I don't want a headstone

And tell every grave robber

To not bother, go home,

There's nothing but dirt left of her,

And her bones.

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