Where bums piss

And marble mounts,

Where stomachs growl,

And mouths pout,

Where the city never sleeps,

And where homeless

Creatures creep,

All eyes gaze

Your way.

Where the infinite cigarette

Stays lit,

Where dreams die

All hopes to shit,

There I wait,

There I waste.

There I count the minutes,

The days.

And the beating sun

Won't let up.

You can smell the stench

Where last night's hobo

Threw up.

It's there, here,


I wait.

Where the hair on my neck

Stands on end,

Where the prickles of

Goose bumps tickle my skin,

The glimpses of ghosts

Out run me.

The bluest blue stretches

Beyond eyes can see,

The hurls of words

Like daggers pierce,

Like Ninja stars,


In a black hole abyss


Swallowed by the Sound

Aching soles

With no one around.

No one to be found,

Get out of town.

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