Villanelle for a Bonefide Villian

Apologizes, none, forget it! You are dead!

Vanishing act, POOF! Into a smoke cloud you disappear

Lost boy run away took the easy road instead.

Perhaps, admittedly, we share in the blood lust, none yet shed

Keep your distance, don't dare draw too near

My thoughts remind, again, again you are dead.

Police reports thumbed through, often reread

Daunting, dripping gruesome words still panging in my ear

Venom in your veins, you fucking take the easy way instead.

Horrific, don't visualize toxic words so mislead

You said, you said... can't forget, flip pages like each year

Spent, time wasted imagined figment you are dead.

Rockin' your tightrope, shreds thin as thread

Dangle it, wobble, fall, won't be there to catch you, dear

Two words only for you- FUCK YOU- steal your easy way instead

Trust me, honey, memorized your rap sheet, more than well-read

Forgive? Forget? I'd shake your infant Soul, I to fear

Ill zombie, ghosts can't knock my door cuz you're dead.

Sleazy pussy, cashin' in on the easiest way instead.

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