I'd rather be a writer

Am I selling my Soul?

Can I hold my head above asphyxiation?

Am I cursed to damnation?

God, where are you?

I need you, drowning in this flood

Bobbing in and out, gasping,

My tear ducts strangling,

Love to just not give a fuck

I'm a millisecond away from Loony Bin lock-up,

I want to sob every day

Like a release, but it stays

And if I throw in the towel now

I will surely go to Hell.

Hell, just like a hermit in shell

Smokin cigaros

Like chains all in rows

Where in the world is the place for me?

Surely, this ain't where I ought to be.

Phantom dreams.

Phantom dream, I dreamed again

It's like this is terror, my friend

Phantom please leave me alone

Phantom please I beg

Leave me alone.

Phantom rots my brain

Like cavities are the root of tooth decay

My attention span fails the fuck out of me

Where in the world is the place for me?

Wanna trade lives?

I'm sick of being who I ought to be.

With this vice

Constricting around my neck

My throat keeps tightening

Snap, my spinal column

To smithereens...

Can't stop this crying

I'm like twine unraveling

Utterly, cracking

Under the scope of misery.

Where the fuck is this Prince Charming?

Is he caught up in traffic?

Ain't he supposed to sweep me off my aching feet?

Really can't take the heat.

What the fuck you lookin at,

Grave Digger? Pick up that shovel...

Forget it, I'll just pull this all together

Find a "happy place"

Where in the world is that?

Now, do you see?

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